Concepts x Dunk Hi TurDUNKen
Concepts x Dunk Hi TurDUNKen

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Concepts x Dunk Hi "TurDUNKen, the whole pair of shoes is based on Nike Dunk Hi, brown coffee color suede leather frame with beige uppers, sideways unique plush material cover, contrast contrast and contrast of Swoosh Logo embellishment, single look The value is very sincere. The whole shoe still has different colors of Swoosh Logo inside and outside, and the metallic photosensitive halo can be seen in the sun. The shoe also has a decorative pattern of Danqing style temperament, from the upper lining to the insole, every pattern detail is Very recognizable. TurDUNKen’s design inspiration incorporates Thanksgiving elements such as food, football, family, and friends.
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