Air jordan 4 raptors
Air jordan 4 raptors

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Air jordan 4 raptors
The whole shoe is made of three colors: black, purple and orange. The black part of the shoe body is made of suede and the mesh design is also black, which can be said to be cool. The most classic visualization of the Nike solo air cushion is retained. There are still some slight differences between the inside and the outside. There is no more black personality design on the inside compared to the outside. The midsole to the heel is purple. The black ink splash design is added to increase The mystery of shoes. The inside of the insole is made of soft red material, which is very comfortable and breathable. Including the insole and lace auxiliary shoe mouth is also orange, the black trapeze logo is highlighted. The heel of the shoe still uses the original design, and the trapeze becomes a purple logo. The suede shoe body, frosted heel, bright purple outsole, and orange embellishment make the shoes very layered and perfect!
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