Limited edition of 666 sets! The super handsome temptation of these “Steel Warrior” sneakers, who can hold it! ?

Limited edition of 666 sets! The super handsome temptation of these “Steel Warrior” sneakers, who can hold it! ?

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary, at the same time paying tribute to Nike’s classic “Street Dance Style” series, this limited edition of 666 sets of Nike Air Flightposite GEL suits is an irresistible handsome temptation.

The silver foam material with strong metal texture is used to create the body of the shoe, which combines the toughness and handsomeness of the steel warrior. Limited edition of 666 sets! The super handsome temptation of these “Steel Warrior” sneakers, who can hold it! ?

The Nike Air Flightposite, created by legendary designer Eric Avar, is undoubtedly a “milestone” masterpiece in the history of sneakers.

Called by Chinese players as “Wind One”, the Flightposite, born in 1999, combines Foamposite foam technology and Nike Flight System midsole technology, with a unique zipper upper design and the use of Zoom Air cushioning cushions. Pairs of shoes are the top boots that were well deserved in the past.

Even in 2019, after 20 years, Wind One’s ultra-high configuration and advanced avant-garde design are still unique in the sneaker circle.

The foamed upper, zippered upper, and streamlined silhouette form a unique visual effect. No pair of shoes can replace the status of the wind one.

The gradient crystal outsole, the black collar with holographic dark flowers, and the handwritten text of the heel tribute to “Street Dance” are hidden in the rich details.

Relaxation, distance and near appreciation are fascinating. The limited edition kit has a silver-tone metal case, each with an individual number.
It also comes with wonderful accessories, showing the Hip-Hop elements of “Street Dance and Thunder” in a graffiti style. It is also a rare sneaker culture.

The shoe will be launched worldwide on on September 01. At that time, the shoes will be sold with exclusive exclusive limited shoe boxes. A limited number of interested friends can pay attention to the specific sales information.

OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 11 is coming, buy cheap OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 11

The shoes are based on the Air Jordan 11 Low, which is constructed in a deconstructed form.

Covered by transparent flaps, the straps are extended by the shoelace straps to the midsole, and the Swoosh Logo is added to the shoes. This way of matching is rare!

The inner layer of the shoe body, the original patent leather position is replaced by suede material; the upper, the upper to the heel, the lychee skin, the eversion sponge will bring the deconstruction essence of the OFF-WHITE joint series to the fullest.

In terms of details, bright orange label stickers are dotted around the shoe, and “AIR” echoes the heel of the shoe. The signature label is also added on the inside, if it is not known to be custom, or really think it is a new joint name!

This new generation of sneakers is a new generation of gameplay that has long been no stranger to many shoe fans.

Recently, the foreign shoe custom player j.theripper, once again created a unique OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 11 shoes. Such a brain hole is wide open, so Xiaobian is also very amazing.

We have also reported the work of this custom player, and the design of the Air Jordan 3 is really amazing for many fans.

Will this talented designer be recruited by Nike to design one day? Even if the work is officially released, it is very good!

Interested partners can continue to pay attention to our information, our will bring follow-up reports in the first time!

Cheap Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian” online sales

At present, many offline stores have released notices, which will be released on Saturday, August 31, at 9 am, and the official website is likely to be released at this time.

The scale of the domestic sale is not small, and the previous store maps in North America also indicate that the volume of the goods is considerable, and the recent market prices have gradually declined.

So everyone should not be too anxious to start, the weekend is still to rush to buy the original price.

We will continue to pay attention to the official website and will bring notices in the first time.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Obsidian”
Item No.: 555088-140
Release date: August 31
Selling price: ¥1299 (male code) / ¥899 yuan (female code)
The scale of sale is not small! Obsidian Air Jordan 1 officially debut this Saturday

Obsidian Air Jordan 1 was first sold in Tmall last week, but I am afraid most players who want to buy it can’t do so.

So the large-scale sale of this shoe became the last focus of everyone’s attention this month.

Recently, many offline stores in China have released notices, which will be officially released this Saturday.

Obsidian + North Carolina’s color schemes create a new black toe shape that is bright and eye-catching.

Compared with the big lightning, the obsidian changes the blue color to the north card blue, the black color to the obsidian color, and the white part also has the yellowing effect.

It seems that this obsidian can be called “faded lightning”.

Black mink Air Jordan 13

According to the current news, the pair of Air Jordan 13 will be on sale on November 16th, and the selling price is $190. Interested friends may wish to pay attention to our follow-up reports. Since the re-enactment of the Panda Air Jordan 13 last year, these classic boots have returned to the sight of the sneakers.

Jordan Brand is also deeply convinced of this truth, taking the opportunity to introduce a lot of new color schemes.

Earlier today, the sneakers broke the account zsneakerheadz and got a pair of new color matching Air Jordan 13, let’s take a look.

The black suede covers the body of the shoe, colliding with the lake blue at the bottom, similar to the Paul color that was released in 2015.

Black mink Air Jordan 13
Goods number: 414571-030
Release date: November 16
Offer price: $190 USD

Red Jumpman Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi”

It is still dominated by classic black, white and gold. The fur and leather are stitched together as the upper. Even if the colors are the same, the layering is quite rich. Finally, with a white outsole, the whole pair of shoes looks very atmospheric.
     The Air Jordan 12 has always been a popular character in the AJ’s generation, and the “Taxi” is the most popular in many colors. This gold buckle theme ushered in a new look, really makes people shine!

    The most eye-catching is still the iconic gold buckle decoration, noble and gorgeous, highlighting the powerful atmosphere! At the same time, the tongue is matched with the red Jumpman Logo to create a strong Chicago bull atmosphere.
    It is reported that this shoe will be released worldwide on November 9th, priced at $190, there is no physical exposure at present, the picture is only rendering renderings, interested friends should pay more attention.
Red Jumpman Air Jordan 12 “Reverse Taxi”
Item No.: 130690-017
Release time: November 9
Offer price: $190 USD

Disassemble Air Jordan 1, now Nike will play more and more!

As part of the Air Jordan 1 Defiant series, it is called “Removal” by many shoe fans. The Air Jordan 1 Defiant “Tour Yellow” of AJ1, like the previous “New Forbidden” Air Jordan 1 Defiant, has just attracted a lot of exposure. The attention of the fans.

Jordan Brand’s creativity on the hook this year is really a good eye for the eye, showing the manuscript AJ3, and then the anti-hook AJ1 just released, and finally brought us a stitch AJ1, Xiaobian I have to admire the sneaker designer’s brain.

The new Air Jordan 1 “Defiant” shoes, the upper is still set with the black toe set favored by the sneakers, while the body line of the shoe is red stitched, which is similar to the style of the Bunny.

The biggest design highlight of the shoe is the Swoosh design. There should be 4 hooks inside and outside the feet, but the shoes only have yellow Swoosh on the inside of the left foot, while the other 3 are removed and kept rough. The thread.

Through these thread heads, we can also clearly distinguish the shape of Swoosh. The Air Jordan 1 with double hooks is really unique. Is there a small partner?

August AJ is worth starting to the end of the month

In August, which AJs are worth starting, and at the end of the month, the monthly sneakers are coming again.

Since July, the curtain in the second half of the year has officially opened. Although the beginning of the second half is relatively quiet, the raging wave will be coming. In the second half of the year, there will be heavy sneakers appear every month.

In June, it was called “Coconut Moon”. In this month, Ye Yey of Kanye almost monopolized the entire market. According to market research, Jordan Brand’s annual revenue is expected to be $3 billion in 2019, while Yeezy, which is only four years old, will be around $1.5 billion.

Such a strong rising star, let the old brother Air Jordan, who has always been calm and calm, can’t sit still. In the following August, Air Jordan officially blew the counterattack horn!
Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey”

Release date: August 1, 2019

Yesterday, the snkss made another raid and launched Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey” and Air Jordan 1 High OG “Defiant”. Have you become the lucky one?

In this raid, Nike has re-launched new tricks to hide the purchase link of Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey” shoes in the design secret.

Although the summer is extremely unfriendly to the “AJ Party”, the Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey” still has a very high popularity, because after 15 years, it finally ushered in a replica.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Jordan 4, Nike not only brought back the classics in this year, but the return of Air Jordan 4 “Cool Grey” was also put on the agenda. The whole pair of shoes is still familiar with “Air Jordan 4”. formula.

The body of the shoe is still classic black, white and gray. I believe that the old shoe fans will see it involuntarily. A bit of cool color matching is definitely a street boutique.

The word “Flight” on the seam mark is yellow with a high degree of recognition; the Jumpman Logo at the heel is still decorated with silver, which is especially noticeable.


Release date: August 10, 2019

The popularity of the Air Jordan 1 is due to the solid foundation laid by the Air Jordan 1 HIGH OG. Today’s shoe market, even the innovative MID series and even the LOW series have become the protagonists, especially the release of TS X AJ1 LOW this month. It is also pushing the LOW series to a whole new level.

Recently, Eric Koston, a Nike Skateboarding signing skater, also broke out with an AJ1 LOW and a series of NIKE SB X AJ1 collaborations.

In addition to the classic co-branded name, the color matching of these shoes also chose the heavy color of the Air Jordan 1 series – North Carolina. The fresh summer color scheme combined with the low-cut design is definitely a summer eye-catching shoe.

Air Jordan 1 Satin WMNS “Black Toe”

Release date: August 17, 2019

The color of the Air Jordan 1 is now flying, but in Garmin’s mind, the best thing to look at is the “black toe”, and the re-enactment is also the highest.

This silk “black toe” is the same as the previous silk “crush”, the color is absolutely the original black toe theme, but the appropriate embellishment in the details.

The red part of the upper is made of satin material. The black and white parts are still made of high-quality leather. The silk surface is more reflective under the matte surface, and the leather part ensures a comfortable foot.

In addition to the injection of silk fabrics, the wing logo of the upper is made of metal, which is a new element of Air Jordan 1.

This silk “black toe” is still the exclusive version of WMNS girls, so the maximum size for sale in China should only be 42 yards. The larger size can only be started by Haitao, and the maximum overseas can reach 44.5 yards.

Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian”

Release date: August 2019

Originally on the 17th of next month, there will be 3 heavy-duty shoes on sale, but due to the Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian” jump ticket, there will be two pairs left, but this also gives consumers more opportunity to have them all. In the pocket of income.

This pair of Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian” at first glance is thought to be a new member of the black toe, but the dark part is in obsidian color, with white and North Carolina blue.

The whole pair of shoes looks like an all-star color. The matte version of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “UNC”, without the patent leather blessing makes the shoes look even more understated.

And the original All-Star version was released at WMNS, and the regular version of the Air Jordan 1 “Obsidian” was relatively difficult to purchase.

Air Jordan 1 High Premium WMNS/Air Jordan 4 WMNS

Release date: August 2019

After a strong impact of Yeezy in the past few months, Air Jordan finally caught up with the “after-sense”. Every August and September, Nike always brings the classic “wheat” color, and this time it looks at the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4.

The Air Jordan 1 is mainly composed of khaki and black. The upper is made of leather and suede, and then decorated with an ice blue translucent crystal outsole.

The Air Jordan 4 uses the same design elements. The combination of brown and black is especially low-key, and even the Jumpman Logo on the tongue and heel is also presented in a matt black effect. The overall feel is simple and rich.

Although these shoes are still slightly stuffy in the summer, but now you have to wait until winter to wear, you will never regret it!

Air Jordan“Cool Grey”online for sale

In 2001, the “Cool Grey” color was first applied to the Air Jordan XI shoes, adding a personality to this classic shoe. “After waking up one morning, I was whimsical and hoped to build a new Air Jordan XI based on Air Max 95 and make it more suitable for basketball consumers,” said Gentry Humphrey, Director of Footwear at the time. Say. The shoe then became a classic, and it also affected the development of the series.

Launched in 2004, the Air Jordan IV “Cool Grey” is one of the most unique shoes in the collection, with a gray-based body and a corn yellow/black/white embellishment. The chrome-colored Jumpman logo is complemented by the classic “Wings” detail in premium leather, adding a touch of casualism to the Air Jordan IV.

In 2007, the Air Jordan III LS followed the classic gray tone color scheme. Although the shoe does not use a specific “Cool Grey” color, it is still considered one of the classic shoes.

In 2017, the new member Air Jordan VIII was launched, and the heel of the shoe was decorated with a striking gray pattern. In 2018, Cool Grey’s color air Jordan XI Low was unveiled.

After many iterations, the unique Cool Grey color scheme successfully infused the elegant and refined aesthetic into the Air Jordan series.

Air More Uptempo ’96 QS “Denim” for sale

Air More Uptempo ’96 QS “Denim” for sale to

The tannin material “Big AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!
Nike, AIR, Air More Uptempo, CJ61 Tannin material “Large AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!

Nike is always able to innovate the existing classic shoes, with a new color material, showing the style.

Like the Nike Air More Uptempo ’96 QS “Denim” that was just exposed in the past few days, it was replaced with a denim “coat”, showing a different AIR temperament.

Nike, AIR, Air More Uptempo, CJ61 Tannin material “Large AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!

The shoes are based on a light blue denim upper with a large denim black AIR Logo.

The font has a more three-dimensional visual effect, and it is matched with a white outsole to enhance the overall sense of the body.

Nike, AIR, Air More Uptempo, CJ61 Tannin material “Large AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!

The toe has a black Swoosh Logo, and the tongue has a bright orange Swoosh Logo that echoes the lace lining Nike Logo.

Nike, AIR, Air More Uptempo, CJ61 Tannin material “Large AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!

The heel is embroidered with a blue embroidery Swoosh Logo, which blends in with the tannins and is very harmonious.

Nike, AIR, Air More Uptempo, CJ61 Tannin material “Large AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!

The forefoot and forefoot of the outsole also have a bright orange Swoosh Logo, which has a contrast with the white outsole, which is very eye-catching.

Nike, AIR, Air More Uptempo, CJ61 Tannin material “Large AIR” will be released next week! The upper foot is also very handsome!

Overall, the color of these shoes is very fresh, and the selection of materials is very advanced. The upper foot effect is also very good, it is a pair of eye-catching versatile shoes.

It is reported that the shoes will be available for sale on August 10 and will be priced at $160.

There is no clear release information in China, and interested partners can continue to pay attention to our information. We will bring follow-up reports in the first time.

Air More Uptempo ’96 QS “Denim”
Item No.: CJ6125-100
Release date: August 10
Offer price: $160 USD

Blue sky and white clouds and night sky! This pair of Air Max 95 is really special.

Nike is the theme of day and night, and Nike is about to launch a new color scheme for Air Max 95 “Day And Night”. The unique yin and yang styling, combined with the exquisite details of the eyes, give a refreshing visual experience!

Nike, Air Max 95, CK1412-400, Day Blue sky and white clouds and night sky! This pair of Air Max 95 is really special! buy to

The inside and outside of the shoe are in different shades of blue, with the iconic Air Max 95 full palm air cushion, the whole pair of shoes looks very refreshing.

The biggest highlight is that the upper is designed with yin and yang design, and the outer side is made of blue gradient leather. It is decorated with splashing details to create a starry sky at night. The inner side is light blue and white overturned fur, which symbolizes the white sky and white clouds. The visual level is quite rich! At the same time, the insole is also infused with the night and white signs to highlight the unique identity.