Air Jordan 1 “blue yellow toe” two new color combinations exposed

Air Jordan 1 “blue yellow toe” two new color combinations exposed

Perhaps due to the continuous exposure and brushing of the new YEEZY series of new shoe color combinations, the Jordan Brand series has attracted attention. In response to the crazy bombing of the grandfather YEEZY army, today, according to the latest news, the two new color schemes for the popular Jordan Jordan brand Air Jordan 1 were officially exposed. The two Air Jordan 1 are shown in the figure. One is the Air Jordan 1 Low as the shoe base. The overall color is the classic hot blue toe as the theme color, while the other is the Air Jordan 1 High. The base is also decorated with a high-value “yellow toe” to decorate the entire body. However, the current news about the release of these two Air Jordan 1 new colors is still unknown, and interested friends are also waiting patiently for our follow-up reports.

Air Jordan 1 “blue yellow toe” two new color combinations exposed

Perhaps due to the continuous exposure and brushing of the new YEEZY series of new shoe color combinations, the Jordan Brand series has attracted attention. In response to the crazy bombing of the grandfather YEEZY army, today, according to the latest news, the two new color schemes for the popular Jordan Jordan brand Air Jordan 1 were officially exposed. The two Air Jordan 1 are shown in the figure. One is the Air Jordan 1 Low as the shoe base. The overall color is the classic hot blue toe as the theme color, while the other is the Air Jordan 1 High. The base is also decorated with a high-value “yellow toe” to decorate the entire body. However, the current news about the release of these two Air Jordan 1 new colors is still unknown, and interested friends are also waiting patiently for our follow-up reports.

cheap Air Jordan 13 “Lakers”for sale

The Air Jordan 13 “Lakers”, which is presented in white, black and purple, will be officially launched on July 20th. Currently, the official website of the US has been on the market for a price of $190.

The use of white leather to create a refreshing visual main line, the purple part of the body and the yellow details of the sole are not only dynamic, but also create the familiar Lakers Lakers.

But this color scheme was not created to pay tribute to the Lakers, but to commemorate Michael Jordan’s defeat of the Lakers in the 90-91 season’s finals and win his first NBA championship.

Such color inspiration is not uncommon in the Air Jordan series, and the previous Air Jordan 4 Cavalier color matching is the same idea.

However, this does not affect the dressing of the Lakers, but it is still a full-bodied and eye-catching versatile model.

The high-top Air Jordan 13 is not suitable for wearing on hot summer days, but it may have created a good opportunity for true love powder.

At present, there is no debut information in China. Recently, many new Air Jordan products have been delayed in China. Will these shoes be put on the shelves in China, we will pay close attention to them!

Air Jordan 13 “Lakers”

Goods number: 414571-105

Date: July 20

Offer price: $190

Four AIR JORDAN fits, AIR JORDAN6 also has extra thick air cushion

In Jordan Brand, in addition to the best-selling AIr Jordan, the matching shoes of a variety of classic shoes also occupy a place.

Recently, there is a new fit shoe type Jordan Mars 270 debut, which not only incorporates the design elements of four Air Jordans, but also incorporates Air Max 270 air cushion technology.

As a continuation of the popular shoes Jordan Spiz’ike and Jordan Son of Mars, you should pay special attention to this new pair of shoes.

Fusion of four classic AJ elements

From the name of the shoe, you can see the inheritance relationship between the shoes and Jordan Son of Mars. Designed by Spike Lee’s son, Jackson Lee, it continues the classic concept of a positive fit.

▼ MARS label highlights identity

The iconic elements of the Air Jordan 1, 4, 5, and 6 generations can be seen.

The most obvious is the design from the Air Jordan 6, followed by a shoe and midsole that resembles a sports spoiler.

▼ Heel design comes from Air Jordan 6

▼ Midsole design from Air Jordan 6

The elements of the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5 are also very obvious. The cut, hollow and plastic lace holes in the middle of the upper are all from the Air Jordan 5.

▼ Upper mid design from Air Jordan 5

But the hollow shape is the same as the Air Jordan 4, and the transparent plastic is replaced by the Air Jordan 4’s elastic mesh material, which also appears on the tongue.

▼ Mesh design from Air Jordan 4

What you most likely to ignore is the Air Jordan 1 lineage on it. The cut and venting holes at the toe are the same as the Air Jordan 1.

▼ Toe design from Air Jordan 1

The Swoosh in the back of the upper and the strap-up uppers are the hallmarks of the Air Jordan 1.

▼ Swoosh, upper design from Air Jordan 1

The fabric label inside the tongue is also a design that many classic Air Jordan have, but the font is unique.

▼ Unique Fonts for Tongue Labels


Equipped with an extra-thick air cushion

To say that the above mentioned pairs of common generations have in common, in addition to the retro style, there is also the same retro and hard feet.

But the Jordan Mars 270 is not genetically inherited, and is equipped with the widely recognized Air Max 270 technology.

▼ Ice blue crystal outsole

Although the Air Max 270 has already launched a number of shoes, Jordan has always been equipped with Nike technology, but the Air Max 270 appeared on the Jordan shoes for the first time.

Significant cushioning deformation and elasticity of the scorpion have not been rumored. Whether the previous Jordan Spiz’ike or the recent Jordan Legacy 312 maintains the first year of technology, the foot is probably not the best.

▼ Oversized Air Max 270

The air cushion design of the back palm also continues the Air Jordan’s early classic configuration, which is undoubtedly more feminine than the full palm cushion or the new cushioning material.

The most popular nike shoes list in the first half of 2019!

From this month onwards, 2019 officially announced more than half of it, and wherever the time went, how did I still have no riches and crying for half a year!

Looking back on the first half of the year, the major brands are just like saying, they are sold one by one, whether it is a replica or a joint name or a new color scheme, but it is impossible to win the winning.

In the end, I had to comfort myself: focus on participation, please ask early next time, and then only watch them climb to various heights on the various trading platforms.

Then let’s take a look back today. In the first half of 2019, what kinds of hot shoes have made countless people “smell the sad, listen to tears”?


“Sports punk” in the sneaker world

Put on them as if they stepped into outer space

Nike’s efforts on the trend shoes this year, I think it can be seen from the weekly list of major trends websites, constantly innovating color matching, classic replica and various “devil” joint names, in terms of style From the tribute to the retro series to the cyberpunk-like look, it’s wonderful.

The pair of Air Fear of God Raid is a new color-matched version of the Nike Air Fear of God 1 launched at the end of last year in collaboration with the well-known American fashion brand Fear of God. It was launched in February this year.

The overall improvement is more street-oriented and more fashionable, but the back is still paired with a futuristic double-layer zoom air cushion.

Offer price: 1199 yuan

Market price: 1800~2500 yuan

Air Max 180


I think the best standard shoes for “exploring outer space” is the Nike Air Max 180. From the hood with the zipper closure, you can feel the hope of a mortal moon landing.

This shoe is also contracted by Nike and AMBUSH to deliver the highest heat in the entire series, so that in the later global release, the glove-like part made of nylon ripstop has a mesh-like texture that is more breathable. Suitable for summer wear.

Offer price: 1499 yuan

Market price: 797-1759 yuan

CPFM×Nike Vapor Max


As the sneaker world “Li Jiaqi”, I will only recommend it to John Scarlett. If Scarlett wears shoes in the “Gavela Crew”, baby, this is your private order.

The turquoise Swoosh stitched on the upper is superb with the neon elements of the cyberpunk, and some of the iconic Air soles can even be lit, and although the design of this shoe features a unique deconstructive aesthetic But the smiley design at the heel is a bit cute and a bit positive.

Buy it! ! !

Offer price: 1799 yuan

Market price: 3589-8499 yuan


The first half of the year

These three pairs of shoes are worn on the board.

Putting on these shoes is equivalent to wearing two pairs of Nike on the feet, this wave is not a loss. This shoe should be regarded as Nike in a variety of joint names, a bold and innovative one, the Nike LDV and Waffle Daybreak re-combined, and has a double-layered tongue, misplaced Swoosh and so on.

There is also a Blazer Mid with the same “overlay” approach, because the small and exquisite look is especially popular with girls. Both shoes have the same color matching series. Of course, the so-called bold color matching is actually the essential color for the street.

However, the recent Nike LDV Waffle Daybreak is about to launch a simple gray and black and white series, like a small partner can pay attention.

Offer price: 999 yuan, 1199 yuan

Market price: 2209-4549 yuan

“Hooks are reversed, and the family is ruined.” How many shoes can receive the “private-made single-spoken slang” as a folk advertising copy?

From the time of sale to the release, the heat of this pair of shoes has never been reduced, until its market price soared to the level of 10,000 yuan, it can not help but let the sneakers sigh that this is the name of the sneakers.

This is not the first collaboration between Nike and Ravis Scott. This time, with the innovation and change in the color and contour of this AJ1, we can see the mix of tumbling sail leather and butter suede on the silhouette.

Offer price: 1299 yuan

Market price: 6669-12459 yuan

Adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Synth”
When straight men shouted for the Asian-style pink coconuts, I knew that the “pink tax” would no longer be exclusive to girls.

In addition to the regional restrictions, this time the color of the coconut also follows the summer limited color, this soft pink, through the midsole, side stripes, laces and Primeknit upper reflects the details of the control and care.

In addition to “Synth”, there is also a yellow “Antilia” which is only available in Europe.

Offer price: 1899 yuan

Market price: 2329-4099 yuan


Sneakers are not terrible
I am afraid to connect to these three “Devil” series.
Kiko Kostadinov X ASICS GEL-DELVA

Persevering and professionally the king of running shoes, ASICS can definitely be called one or two, and this year, ASICS fourth and HYPEBEAST 2018 one of the top ten best fashion trends in Bulgaria, Kiko Kostadinov launched the joint.

This time, not only in the color of bold innovation, more stylish, but also provides more excellent cushioning, and the upper also uses the cross-country running shoe upper, with a special three-dimensional hollow mesh material to create a hybrid function Aesthetic texture.

Offer price: 300 USD

Givenchy x OnitsukaTiger

As the most affordable, the ultra-lightweight casual track shoes OT has always been sought after and loved by people like Xiaobian who are so poor and imagining the greatest pursuit of comfort.

This time, Givenchy launched a joint model with OT at the 2020 spring and summer menswear conference held by Pitti Uomo. When the classic Mexico 66 was printed with the Givenchy logo, I knew that I was starting to get sour.

The black and white colors are made of high-grade leather. The surprise is that the Onitsuka Tiger signer logo on the outside of the shoe body, as well as special packaging and limited number, the collection value is UP, but the purchase is definitely not affordable.

Offer price: 450 euros

OFF-WHITEx Nike Air Max 90

Everyone knows that OFF-WHITE, the “devil”, has been co-branded with Nike since last year. In addition to a “The Ten” series, it is a great event for cooperation between trendy brands and traditional sports brands!

In the first half of this year, the “The Ten” series finally came to an end and was “finished” by the OFF-WHITEx Nike Air Max 90.

but! Recently OFF-WHITEx Nike Air Force 1 will be ushered in a new color matching – “University Blue” after the black and white color matching at the end of last year.

Offer price: 1199 yuan

Market price: 2969-3689 yuan


Qualifying miss is normal

But this classic running shoe should not be missed.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

Compared to the joint running shoes that are difficult to buy in China, it is really a pity that Nike’s new Pegasus 36 running shoes are missed.

Zoom Air air cushion, known for its strong stability and smoothness, the mesh design of the upper is designed to create excellent breathability for specific hot areas, allowing the foot to dissipate quickly, and it is easy for a person who is sweating easily on a moving foot. It is super friendly.

And the middle group with the Flywire flying line, so that we can fit the foot more in the fast running, not only so in the Achilles tendon also added the advantages of sensitive rebound, stable cushioning, so that the Nike Pegasus series is well deserved Cost-effective choice.

Casually, this shoe was born in 1983, a well-deserved classic old professional running shoes.

2019 the most expensive pair of shoes, barb AJ1 bottom!

The first half of 2019 has passed. With the rise of sports in recent years, the shoe market is still in a thriving stage! In the shoe market, the rhythm is often the joint plan between the big name and the big name. Although the selling price does not have much increase, the price in the secondary resale market can be described as earth-shaking.

As far as the Sneaker is released in the first half of this year, it is still quite impressive. For example, Travis Scott x Air Jordan, Kanye West’s series of Yeezy, especially the regional limited version of the starry sky, of course, including the relatives and friends of the average person can hardly start to define the color. The following is a list of the ten most expensive shoes in the first half of 2019, which were obtained by collecting StockX data!

  1. Travis Scott x Air Jordan I – Affordable resale market price $1,011
  2. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Antlia’ (Reflective) – Affordable resale market price $1,211
  3. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Black’ (Reflective) – Affordable resale market price $1,223
  4. Air Jordan IV ‘Gators’ PE – a resale price of $1,288
  5. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Synth’ (Reflective) – Affordable resale market price $1,328
  6. Nike Zoom VaporFly Elite Marathon – Affordable resale market price $1,656
  7. Air Jordan I High ‘Charlotte Hornets Foundation’ (White) – Affordable resale market price $2,581
  8. Air Jordan I High ‘Charlotte Hornets Foundation’ (Black) – Affordable resale market price $3,300
  9. Air Jordan IV ‘Michigan’ PE – a resale price of $4,924
  10. Air Jordan V ‘Trophy Room’ (Friends & Family) – A resale price of $5,213

This year Air jordan 1 so much? Why are you still so hot?

It is no stranger to mention Air Jordan 1, sneaker players. This is the most heavyweight shoe in the sneaker circle, regardless of its influence or its status in the Nike and Jordan brand. Air Jordan 1 is irreplaceable. Although it has been born for more than 30 years, it has not lowered its position in the heart of sneakerhead with the passage of time. Instead, with the manipulation of Nike over the past few years, it has become the shoe of the supreme level.

Especially since this year, Air Jordan 1 began to add crazy, the new round of offensive has continued from the beginning of the year to the present, the situation is still hot! Throughout the first half of the year, sneaker players should have at least one pair of Air Jordan 1!

Compared to last year, this year’s Air Jordan 1 is no less than 20 color combinations! Even with so many color combinations coming out, everyone still has a high interest in it. Why is Nike launching so many new Air Jordan 1 colors this year? And still so hot?

1, Adi chasing is very tight

The first two years Adidas really chased Nike! Everyone should admit it. Yoezy Boost 350v2/EQT/UB and so on for Nike is simply an ambush.

In 2017, Adidas’ total sales in North America increased by 25%, while Nike’s sales increased by only 3%. This shows that Nike’s pressure is great.

The best way to improve its influence is to re-enact the popular shoes! This simple copy mode, or a different color scheme, is much simpler than developing a new shoe!

2, sneakerhead’s desire

There is no doubt that when Air Jordan 1 comes out, there are almost no other sneakers! Although the number of color schemes introduced by Air Jordan 1 this year is endless, many people will voluntarily pay for these classic shoes because of their feelings! Of course, in some people’s eyes, feelings are worthless, and feeling good is king!

3, maybe there is really no new tricks

The re-enactment of Nike, Adi’s innovation, has become everyone’s consensus. Nike is really not as good as Adidas in terms of innovation! Nike’s new shoes this year may not exceed one palm, but Adidas’ new shoes are not counted.

Nike’s three major moves this year, replica, toe, fit! These three big moves are all used in the Air Jordan 1. N double black toes, as well as the first year of the complex color matching combined with the design, these patterns make the Air Jordan 1 more and more attractive!

4, Nike’s hunger marketing

To say hype marketing, sneaker circle Nike said that no one dares to say the first. One pair of Air Jordan 1 from exposure to release, the Nike’s routine is really obedient, once remembered the domestic queuing scenes of black and red toes, this may be an important reason for Nike to maintain its longevity. Let’s go!

Having said that, is there a more important reason than these four points?

AIR Jordan selected the top ten AJ shoes in 2019, and the urge to buy shoes has been unstoppable!

Adidas surpassed Jordan Brand to become the second largest sports brand in the US last year, which made many AJ fans a little disappointed, but this can not underestimate the contribution of Jordan Brand, which is not the favorite ten of the last year of sneakernews. Double Jordan shoes, I believe there will be you like.

First, Air Jordan 6 “UNC”

The University of North Carolina is the place where Michael Jordan’s legendary star took off. The UNC theme color of the University of North Carolina with Jordan’s infinite respect for his alma mater has been well received by fans. Nowadays, the North Carolina color matching is once again on the first champion boots of the Flying Man – the black and blue color air Jordan 6 “UNC” with the “Black North Card”, which will be decorated with the high quality black cattle. On the top of the shoe made by Ba Ge, the blue translucent crystal outsole echoes the details of the midsole, shoe and lace buckle of North Carolina.

Second, Air Jordan 9 “Baseball Glove”

Fans familiar with Michael Jordan may know that he is not only known as the “God of Basketball” but also has a deep relationship with baseball. In order to fulfill the wishes of the father of the baseball fans, Michael Jordan retired from the NBA in 1994 and changed to play baseball. He was a baseball player in the Chicago White Sox 2A system, the Birmingham Baron, and the Scridar scorpion. To commemorate Michael Jordan’s short year of baseball career, Jordan Brand has launched two Air Jordan 9 “Baseball Gloves” based on the theme of baseball, which are made up of two teams representing black and brown. .

Third, Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 82”

I believe that from the name of the Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 shoes, it is not difficult to see that the inspiration for this shoe is derived from Michael Jordan’s impressive record during the University of North Carolina in 1982, when he was a freshman Michael Jordan at the NCAA. In the final stage of the finals, he won the championship and won the league title. This pair of shoes, similar in appearance to the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”, is presented in a mid-night blue and white shades, bringing a familiar and vibrant North Carolina look.

Fourth, Air Jordan XXX2 “Bred”

Air Jordan is the most important Sneaker new product of the year. In 2017, the 32nd generation of flying boots, the Air Jordan XXX2, represents the highest specification of basketball shoes. Like the Air Jordan XXX1 tribute to the original Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan XXX2 is built on the theme of Air Jordan 2. In terms of sneaker configuration, the Air Jordan XXX2 uses a front and rear Zoom Air air cushion unit with a Flight Speed ​​midsole, and Flyknit made of high-toughness yarn with leather to create the upper. On October 18th, MJ Day officially launched the black and red banned color matching Air Jordan XXX2, which makes the shoes reflect the high performance configuration while inheriting the meaning.

Five, Air Jordan 6 “Like Mike”

In the previous article, Michael Jordan not only involved in both basketball and baseball, he is also the brand spokesperson of the famous sports drink Gatorade. In 1991, Michael Jordan’s slogan “Be Like Mike” for Gatorade was enduring. Today, Jordan Brand is inspired by classic ads, and for the first time, Gatorade teamed up to bring a new color to the Air Jordan 6, and “Like Mike” As the name of the Air Jordan 6 color scheme. The orange nubuck leather with white high-quality leather has a carmine color and the Air Jordan 6 “Carmine” charm. The shoelaces and insoles are embellished with the Gatorade classic lightning logo.

Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 High

The co-branded version of Aleali May x Air Jordan 1 High, brought by Jordan Brand and fashion blogger Aleali May, is inspired by a classic velvet jacket and is crafted from velvet and premium leather. In terms of color matching, it is inspired by the classic “Shadow” color scheme, and is displayed in the same black and white and gray colors. Due to the joint identity, exquisite details and scarce quantity of the shoes, the price is rising step by step!

Seven, Air Jordan 1 “Gold Top 3”

Launched in 2016, the Air Jordan 1 “Top 3” will bring the What The theme to the Air Jordan sneakers for the first time. It combines the three most popular classic colors of Royal, Chicago and Bred. It is naturally very popular! The Air Jordan 1 “Gold Top 3”, which was presented at the 2017 American Convergence Complex ComplexCon, has the same effect as the Air Jordan 1 “Top 3” – the asymmetrical mix of black and white gold is presented in patent leather. Because of the difficulty of starting this luxurious and luxurious shoe, its price in the resale market is also rising.

Eight, Air jordan 1 “Royal”

Royal Blue color air jordan 1 “Royal” as one of the five colors of the Air Jordan 1 shoe type OG, has always been loved by the majority of fans, has a high popularity. The return of 2017 is naturally affecting the hearts of millions of fans. Like the black and red banned Air Jordan 1 “Bred” released in 2016, while continuing the Air Jordan 1 classic shoes and Royal color matching, The use of more delicate lychee leather to create a shoe body, enhance the more stylish and gorgeous visual experience.

KAWS x Air Jordan 4

This pair of innovations, born in the collision of two different fields of sports and art, is the first joint between Jordan Brand and world-renowned artist Brian Donnelly (Brian Donnelly, also known as KAWS). The “Cool Grey/White” color scheme is created with a full suede material to create a unique texture. The detail texture also incorporates Kaws’ iconic cartoon design to reflect the co-branded identity of the shoe. KAWS x Air Jordan 4’s clear crystal outsole is also a hidden “egg”, not only infused with the KAWS signature “XX” logo, but also with luminous effects. Rarely the volume not only makes it difficult to get a shoe, but also keeps the price high.

X. OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”

Presumably everyone has guessed that the final list of the list must be the most topical co-branded shoes in 2017. The “The Ten” series created by OFF-WHITE manager Virgil Abloh and Nike, no matter which one. Which pair is taken out is very attractive. Among them, the OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”, which was based on Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” and deconstructed, was awarded the title of 2017 Best Sneakers. As the brightest star in the “The Ten” series, OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” inherits Chicago’s classic color scheme, while the deconstructive design concept leaves a mad and unremarkable performance on the details. . (If you have a favorite shoe, you can add zlhlove708, Xiaobian can help you)

After seeing these 10 pairs of shoes, is it that some of them can’t help but buy shoes? In 2019, there will be more shoes in front of us, wait and see.

Ferrari version of the Air Jordan 14 return, as well as Supreme x AJ14 debut

Supreme and Jordan Brand once again joined forces. This time, the Air Jordan 14 is the blueprint. With the SUP, you can’t think of it. The Supreme logo can be seen in the details such as the tongue, the sign and the heel. The low-key highlights the joint status. Air Jordan 14 is very hot recently. In particular, the cooperation between street fashion brand Supreme and Jordan Brand will instantly enhance the popularity of AJ14. Basketball shoes from the Ferrari sports car, this time there is a reversal of the new Ferrari debut. Supreme x Air Jordan 14
Inspired by Michael Jordan’s super-famous Ferrari 550 Maranello, the AJ14 design features a streamlined silhouette and a Ferrari logo on the Ferrari logo.
This design is inspired by Jordan’s leather jacket, the rivet elements on the vamp, is the best testimony. Cool black shoes with royal blue details, cool and cool.
Supreme x Air Jordan 14 after the joint name, AJ14 popularity increased! The same new reverse Ferrari Air Jordan 14 “Reverse Ferrari” is also a concern!

The overall appearance of Ferrari’s iconic yellow and black, ginger-colored shoes with midsole carbon fiber texture, creating a Ferrari vision.

Cheap Air Jordan 5 white / flame red / black will return to the next year, commemorating the 30th anniversary of MJ single-game cut 69 points

Commemorating the 30th anniversary of MJ’s single-game cut 69 points, Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” will return to next year

Next year is both the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 5 and the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s 69 points against the Cavaliers. To this end, Jordan Brand will bring the engraving back to the classic “Fire Red” color matching Air Jordan 5. The model number CT4838-102 is expected to be released on March 28.